Digital Banking

Logixal is a specialized partner providing services around Digital Banking Platforms. Our Digital Banking Practice has demonstrated capability to offer the entire range of Consulting Services, including undertaking customization using the Extensibility tools and providing a variety of training offerings to financial institutions. In the past years, Logixal has successfully delivered number of Digital Banking projects for leading banks in Europe, Lebanon, Pakistan, Zambia, Bhutan, Mauritius and Seychelles. We are Partners in Excellence with enterprises seeking to enhance and transform their business models. Our focused investments in solution accelerators and evolving technologies help achieve superior business outcomes. The experience and proven capabilities of our talented and certified professionals enables us to exceed customer expectations.

Digital Commerce

Logixal is a specialized partner providing services on varied digital commerce with our inbuilt Accelerator solution which can reduce the development time and address a very generic business needs. Our bucket of accelerators include Integrations with various Digital Marketing Platform, Payment Gateways & Analytics System. We strive hard to provide best solutions in this rapidly evolving Digital World thereby increasing sales and stay ahead in the Market.

Digital Engineering Suite

Logixal is a Data Engineering Suite (DES) helps to provide solutions with respect to customer retention, better search capability as well automate manual and repetitive tasks. It is a framework which helps in integrating existing applications as well as enhance user experience by using simple but powerful Machine Learning Algorithms running on Industry Standard application software. At the same time, it is also a framework and hence, can be extended to provide for any custom needs.