Application Management Services

It is a significant task these days for businesses to maintain and run a full-fledged ecommerce system.

Logixal can pitch in and help you effectively maintain your application.

We enable your business operations and support activities in the following manner

  • Integration and installation support

  • Application support and troubleshooting

  • 24 x 7 L1, L2 and L3 support

  • Enhancements, upgrades and management of your ecommerce platform

  • Helping business users in their Business As Usual functions

  • Optimization of your ecommerce technology stack and its components

  • Management of online catalogs and product or data feeds

  • Server installation, configuration and management

  • Problem analysis, root cause investigation and quick resolution

With Logixal as your eCommerce Partners you will have a support and maintenance plan that will benefit you in the following ways

  • Your content is always up to date, relevant and continually refreshed

  • Your website is state of the art, incorporating new technologies and advanced third party solutions

  • Your website is always online - if it goes down for any reason, we will fix the problem immediately

  • Support & maintenance services with availability upto 24/7

  • You receive best value for your money through our efficient services and the sophisticated processes and procedures that we enable

  • We offer skilled, Oracle certified resources who understand the ecommerce domain and technology framework and are able to help and troubleshoot with ease

  • Traffic and Analytics data will be available to you so you can keep track of your ecommerce application's performance