Data Engineering Suite (DES)

Our AI / ML practice provides solutions for a framework which helps in integrating existing applications as well as enhance user experience by using simple but powerful Machine Learning Algorithms running on Industry Standard application software. At the same time, it is also a framework and hence, can be extended to provide for any specific needs of the Retailer

Our AI Powered Search Engine with out of the box Digital Commerce Accelerator with Pre-Configured domain specific “fragments”. Ability to plug-in Machine Learning models for advanced analytics and user personalization

Our Expertise

We partner with our customers to provide comprehensive services to support Machine Learning initiatives with a strong focus on value and benefit delivery. Industry is seeking attention and putting efforts not only to retain existing customers but also constantly get in new customers. Better service can be provided by keeping track of various touchpoints. The efficiency of the service industry can also be increased exponentially by using automation as well increasing ML/AI to process data sources and then making sense to make calculated decisions at a faster pace.

We have contributed from strategy, consulting and advisory, architecture and solutioning to implementation of Machine Learning:

  • Discover customer needs

  • Analyze business requirements

  • Formulate strategy

  • Learn from patterns and trends

  • Deliver Value to business

Solutions and Technology Delivery

We design, develop and deliver end-to-end technology solutions for BPM initiatives driven by strong experience of delivering workflow based automation for enterprise processes across all digital and human assisted channels, to deliver a seamless customer experience and business growth.

Workflow | Business Rules | Assignments | Task Routing| Process Tracking | Analytics | Business Activity Monitoring

Our technology delivery capabilities encompass the following benefits to our customers driving success of their AI/ML initiatives:

  • In-built ability to learn and understand user behaviour which results in Increase Relevancy and Better User Recommendations.
  • Not just a “tool” but a “framework”. Works on its own data model thereby making it flexible to integrate with any business application.
  • Ability to Modify , Configure, Enhance and add Plugin ML Models in the Search Experienc.
  • Ready upload adapters to import data information from File System, RDBMS.