Digital Banking Solutions

With over a decade of rich experience, we can help enhance and transform your Digital Banking offerings.

We work with you to evolve your omni-channel strategies and capabilities; by Customizing, Enhancing, Integrating, Migrating, Implementing and Maintaining your Digital Banking platform. We have successfully delivered solutions to diverse Banks (large and small) across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
We engage either directly with Banks OR through 'local partner organizations'. Our proven delivery models encompass need-based combinations of Onsite and Offshore activities.

How we define ourselves in Banking

100% track record in delivering successful and on-budget projects.

Our approach is one of being a trusted partner focussed on success and win-win outcome.

Our Range of Services

We are a team of well-trained, experienced techno-functional consultants delivering agile solutions in an optimal way.

Integrating Digital Banking solutions with the Bank's core banking system and other third party systems

Building customizations on Digital Banking solutions in an extensible manner.

Training Services on Digital Banking solutions

Migrating Bank's existing Internet / Mobile Banking

Logixal's Accelerator Packs

Regional Accelerators

We understand the importance faster time to market in this Digital Age. As a strategy, we invest in developing accelerators which act as bolt-ons on the Core Product. Some of these accelerators are grouped together as Regional Accelerators to address functionalities generic for a region.

Multi-factor authentication

Transaction security is an important aspect for any Online Transaction System. While access to the system itself can be controlled through the Login Id and Password or an equivalent, multi-factor authentication is required when a financial activity is performed by the user.

We have experience in implementing multi-factor authentication through:

1) Integration with leading providers for multi-factor authentication like VASCO, RSA.

2) OTPs and Session based pin etc.

Data Migration Tools

We use a "template" based approach to migrate from the Bank's Internet Banking / Mobile Banking solution. We have ready migration tools for migrating Banks with a template based approach

Digital Enablement Layer

We understand the need of the hour for financial institutions to "digitize" themselves. Digitalization itself is inclusive of Enablement of Digital Self Service Channels, Automation of Processes etc. Banks have been in existence since a long time and through this journey, have seen transformations of various types an overhaul of systems and processes. Digitalization is one such transformation and we see it slightly differently. We believe digitalization can be achieved through a Digital Enablement Layer which can be built around the Bank's existing system without impacting or needing them to change.

A few examples of Digital Enablement by us are:-

Electronic Funds Transfer System Interface

Integration component between banks core banking system and the Local Clearing System to enable Real Time Payments in the Domestic Network.

Store and Forward (SAF) of financial and non-financial transactions

Storing of channel initiated requests in the Digital Enablement Layer for channel functionalities which do not have a corresponding support in the Core Banking System.

Document Management

Document Management System for channel specific functionalities like Onboarding, Account Opening, Payments (rule based document upload against payments) with a dashboard for the Backoffice User to download and view the documents uploaded and also to request for any additional documents.