Digital Commerce Solutions

We do take deep dive on very exacts of your businesses, do thorough study of your needs, strategies for market reach, time to go live, internationalisation and localization needs, appropriate integrations, channels to be leveraged and connected experiences there and accordingly, align most appropriate approach from various possibities e.g. B2C, B2B, B2B2C, Endeca first with or without Web Center Sites (WCS), and accelerated solutioning on chosen approach, and thus ensuring best possible ROI and true value on your time and cost investments made.

Align with the Business goals and provide the right strategy

B2C Platform supporting multiple brands/sites on a single platform

B2B Platform providing rich experience of consumer commerce

Endeca first approach

Web Center Sites

Where do we fit in?

Integrators (SI's), present same version of personalization's to their customers more vor less. The typical thinking even today is that they hope that they can marry additional data sources on top of the individual data associated with that number and with Siebel, EBS, OM or Bazzar Voice and they are ready to do personalization. This is good but what next, any real value where SI's have their solutioning, which shows that they have actually leveraged the best personalization platform in truest sense.

  • We strive to align to customer's goals and vision

  • We try to make our customer experiences engaging, content sensitive and intelligent

  • We ensure that your merchandizing and Digital Commerce deliveries generate repeat business

  • We provide innovative solutions in a cost effective manner

  • We use the right and optimal team size for your project bringing precision focus and synergy

  • We have wide experience of implementing solutions across domains and industry verticals

Commerce Re-platforming & Upgrades

The world is changing and so is competition. Technology innovations change the industry scenario rapidly with disruptions. Day in and day out the markets are shrinking and the world is getting better connected as each day passes.

It has therefore become imperative for organizations to

  • Reach for newer markets

  • Operate within the industry constraints

  • Increase market share in exsiting markets

  • Differentiate with respect to competition

  • Retain customers by continuous engagement

  • Attract new customers

  • Have a scalable and reliable platform

What Logixal provides

We are committed to helping our clients achieve success with every project or opportunity. Our team helps you at every stage along the way with careful analysis of the current platform, migration needs, and solution transition. We deliver the optimum power of technology in your hands to ensure a smooth upgrade that safeguards your end users and business.

  • An established migration approach for a quick turnaround time

  • Proven methodology for zero loss of functionality

  • Rigor in the processby using data migration tools

  • Leverage Out Of The Box functionality to the maximum

  • Comprehensive training

  • Rehearsed playbook highlighting the roles, responsibilities