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Logixal Cloud Solutions LLP ("Logixal") is an application software services company specializing in Digital Commerce and Digital Banking domains. We provide omni channel solutions for Retail, Luxury Goods, Financial Services, Media, Publishing, Telecom and Subscription Model based businesses.

Our customers, spread across the United States, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, are supported from our Offices in India, UK and the USA. In the last 13 years, we have a 100% track record of successfully extending and implementing product software for various enterprises. Logixal is known to deliver superior total cost of ownership (TCO) in Re-platforming/Upgrades as well as Greenfield implementation projects.

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We are partners in excellence with enterprises seeking to enhance and tranform their business models.


Highly performing cohesive team with strong leadership.


Blend of structured management consulting and design thinking.


Driving innovations to gain benefits for our customers.

Our Approach

Our end goal at Logixal is to ensure our engagements provide best results in minimum time. To facilitate this goal. we adopt the best agile practices enabling us to provide challenging solutions with the best result and minimum amount of overhead and cost.

We work on engagements ranging from long term structured engagements to ones that demand a war room environment with quick turnaround expectations.

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Meet our CEO, Mr.Deepak Gala. Watch him talk about the journey of Logixal.


Deepak Gala - CEO


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